Acromed Invest AB is an accelerator company with prime focus on managing start-up, research and innovation-based biotech and medtech companies and projects with great growth potentials. Acromed provides its portfolio companies with a dynamic business development approach in which early funding is supplemented with business skills and entrepreneurial commitment. Acromed offers resources to ensure continuous development of its portfolio companies and further facilitates their growth by providing experience, business coaching, networking, and access to customers. Focus of the company is to invest and develop projects/companies in medtech, biotech and cleantech. Through its proximity to Lund University and other research canters in the Öresund region (Medicon Valley) including the Copenhagen area and Linköping University including Norrköping campus, the company is a remarkable point for collaboration and partnerships. Furthermore, Lund is hosting the MAX IV synchrotron light source -the brightest in the world- and the European spallation source (ESS) based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. Its different facilities will become available during 2019-2025, but is already unflinching various peripheries activities.